TERMITES (continued)



The Soldier

Soldiers have long heads which are uniquely armored, with powerful jaws and are responsible for defense, primarily against invading ants. Soldiers require workers to feed them. Soldiers are responsible for defending the colony. They are white, soft bodied with an enlarged, hardened head containing two large jaws, or mandibles, which are used as a weapon against predators. Identification of the soldier termite can be done by looking at the head and noticing it is larger than a worker termite.

The Alates

Alates have developed wings and are released by the colony to go and form new colonies. They tend to swarm on warm humid evenings. A small number survive and they mate and then find a suitable place to start a new colony. Alates are a caste whose primary function is to create new colonies. Alates are winged and leave the nest en masse (around October/November) on a still, warm night. Upon landing, alates drop their wings, source an alternate sex mate and look for suitable new nesting sites.


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