TERMITES (continued)


The Queen

The queen is the largest termite of the colony. It can grow up to about 10cm long. In order to move, she needs several hundred workers to push her. She becomes an egg laying machine. She lays up to 1000 eggs a day. She remains in her royal chamber where she is attended to and fed by the workers, and is fertilized by the king. The Queen termite creates the colony by laying eggs and tending to the colony until enough workers and nymphs are produced to care for the colony. She can live for more than ten years and produce hundreds of eggs each year. Colonies can each have several million termites with the help of secondary queens who also produce eggs. Identification of the queen termite can be done by looking at her body as she will have a longer body that is lightly colored with a small head.

The Nursery

The eggs are removed from the royal chamber and transferred to a nursery by the workers. Here the brood (the eggs and nymphs) develops into other castes that the colony requires for development and survival; workers, soldiers and primary or secondary reproductives.

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